Real time Indoor Robot localization using a stationary fisheye camera

K.K. Delibasis, V.P. Plagianakos, I. Maglogiannis


Abstract:A core problem in robotics is the localization of a mobile robot (de- termination of the location or pose) in its environment, since the robot’s beha- vior depends on its position. In this work, we propose the use of a stationary fi- sheye camera for real time robot localization in indoor environments. We em- ploy an image formation model for the fisheye camera, which is used for acce- lerating the segmentation of the robot’s top surface, as well as for calculating the robot’s true position in the real world frame of reference. The proposed ro- bot localization algorithm does not depend on any information from the robot’s sensors and does not require visual landmarks in the indoor environment. Initial results are presented from video sequences and are compared to the ground truth position, obtained by the robot’s sensors. The dependence of the average positional error with the distance from the camera is also measured.